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The Anointing: A Four Part Teaching Series on CD

The Anointing: A Four Part Teaching Series on CD

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The anointing of the Holy Spirit is the manifested supernatural Presence of God. The anointing is to be experienced by all of us. For it is through the anointing the Holy Spirit unfolds His plans and purposes to us. In this teaching series Robert reveals that the essence of this experience is found in the anointing oil found in the Book of Exodus, which includes:

The Principle and Power of the Anointing.

It is the sacred use of oil for consecrating things or persons to God. The oil is a symbol of the Holy Spirit, and as applied to things or persons, giving them a spiritual sacredness so as to fit them for holy ministry. 

Spiritually speaking the anointing oil was used as the setting apart and endowment of the Holy Spirit both in and on God’s people. This setting apart makes opportunity for the anointing to:
  • Uncover and unveil revelations of truth which men and women cannot know
  • Quicken our cognitive powers so that we can understand truth that has been, is presently and will be revealed.
  • Enable us to have intimate and direct communication with the Holy Spirit.
  • Empower us to do the work of the ministry.