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Ministry Training: Student Two Paperback

Ministry Training: Student Two Paperback

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Ministry Training STUDENT TWO is the second step in a discipleship concept built upon the idea of apprenticeship. For thousands of years’ master craftsmen taught and trained younger men and women for the purpose of raising up future generations of craftsmen devoted to excellence, integrity and quality.  
An apprentice by definition, is a devoted student of a particular person, school of thought, a set of teachings, or a way of doing specific things. Historically, an apprentice lived with his teacher for the purpose of learning the “secrets” of the trade. 
The foundation for personal Christian leadership was laid, according to John's Gospel, with the choosing of the first of the Lord’s disciples. Many men and women were taught and trained in the words and ways of Jesus. The ministry training He gave to His disciples involved being taught as well as on the job training.  
The purpose of the Ministry Training STUDENT TWO material is to add value to those who desire to serve in a church, non-profit or ministry. Each lesson will assist in the creation of basic Christian Theology and bring understanding to those who are faithful to their work, are committed to working hard, have a heart for leadership and possess a deep compassion for people. It is our desire that you succeed in your passion to become an effective and successful leader.