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Ministry Training: Student Three Paperback

Ministry Training: Student Three Paperback

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In Ministry Training: Student Three Robert shares deep spiritual truths concerning the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is The Teacher Who teaches us by living within us. He illuminates, illustrates and explains the words, will and ways of the Heavenly Father and the Lord Jesus Christ from His residence within us. He does so by the manifestation of Himself. When He reveals the ways of the Lord, He does so in the same manner that Jesus did. He first invites us, then He leads and guides us into that which we (as Christians) have already been given by the Heavenly Father in Christ Jesus.
The Holy Spirit’s ministry is two-fold. First, He takes the things of Christ Jesus because they have been given to Him for the sake of revealing them to us. Secondly, He reveals them to the us by first illuminating our understanding. Such illumination comes either before, during or after He leads us to experience those things He is teaching us. His revelation of “the way of the Lord” is not only to give knowledge, understanding, and experience but expression.
In this third of our Ministry Training Series Robert shares one of the major keys that the modern church has been missing. He explains how the ministry of the Holy Spirit has been regulated to a historical action, i.e., inspiring the written Word. His ministry of expressing the Word of God in, to and through most believers has been, to a great extent, ignored. But, it is time for the Holy Spirit to express the Lord Jesus Christ through us. He longs for more than we having intellectual knowledge about the Word (the Lord Jesus Christ). The Spirit yearns is to express the Lord Jesus Christ TO, IN and THROUGH the life of every believer.