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Ministry Training: Student One Paperback

Ministry Training: Student One Paperback

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Ministry Training STUDENT ONE provides the first steps for a person to develop their ministry. Robert desires to be a blessing to all who believe in the Lord Jesus Christ. His books and study helps encourage people to reach their full potential in Christ Jesus. This potential is reached by helping people to overcome past issues, be inspired to find their ministry and be empowered by the Holy Spirit to lead effective and Godly lives.  
Our materials are fully based on the Word of God. We believe the Bible is the sourcebook of the Christian church. It is the sole authoritative work for those who follow Jesus Christ. As such, it’s the book that hundreds of millions read for inspiration, guidance, and instruction. But for such an ancient document, the Bible has unmatched levels of internal and external evidence for its accuracy and authority. 
This book is not for information sake only, but to provide illumination concerning the Lord Jesus and His will for life and ministry. When we conform to the understanding we are given, we are spiritually transformed from faith to faith. (Romans 1:17) 
Robert and his wife, Susan, have been in full time ministry for forty plus years. Robert has had the privilege of personally sharing the gospel to over twenty-seven countries and forty-three states.