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Finding Your Spiritual Father: A Four Part Teaching Series on CD

Finding Your Spiritual Father: A Four Part Teaching Series on CD

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One who climbs a mountain for the first time needs to follow a know route; and he needs to have with him, as companion and guide, someone who has been up before and is familiar with the way.  To serve as such a companion and guide is precisely the role of the “abba” or spiritual father---whom the Greeks call “geron” and the Russians “starets”, a title which in both languages means “papa” or “father.”

Such an individual is essentially an apostolic or prophetic figure, qualified for the special task of imparting into the lives of others by the Holy Spirit.  He is set apart for a special purpose by the hand of God.  He is the expression of God Himself for the purpose of making a deposit of the Spirit in the life of another. Why do we need spiritual fathers?  Spiritual fathers help develop and disciple God’s people bringing  an end to the “orphan spirit” that is running rampant in today’s church.

In this four part series Robert shares his insight on the anointing that flows from a spiritual father to the his sons. He explains how this anointing enables them to have the ability to attain the stature of mature children of God making the "son's" ministry and life to soars to a level never known before.